Secret 1

Dear My Secret Admirer,

I keep on getting your messages, but I know its not you. You aren’t that illiterate when you talk to me. Step your game up. I don’t need you to fall off the cliff. I need you to be strong in a time like this. I need you to realize I’m the one. I need you to realize this is what happens when the world is at your finger tips. I need you to realize this is what comes with true love. But then I think to myself is this true love. You would have called me and not had him do your dirty work. We would have made better plans. It wouldn’t all be business. Why are you doing this to me I tend to think. Why are you making it so hard. Is it the game you are chasing or are you making me the game. Are you using me for your benefit. Do you even notice me at all. Why? Why! WHY!? It makes sense when you send your message but then you hold back. I’m slowly losing interest, but then you step your game up and i’m interested again. Why do you have people watching me. Are you just that into me. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Is it because the status quo? We can just be good friends? I don’t want them. I see you, I feel it too. I love the way you do you. But then there is them. All of them. They make me happier. I wait impatiently, but then I know you are the deep down impatient that I am impatiently waiting for. But is that the truth. Maybe not. I need to know you from source. No I don’t. I need to know you from you. Too much information in being thrown at me. I will let them love. Figure it out secret admirer. Time only tells when time is up. Right now, you are just a picture in my memory.




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