“tonianns: A Mental Health Guide”

We all know somebody that is dealing with mental illness or you might have the illness yourself. I am here to help you or a loved one! Through my story, you will get enlightened. You will see what works for me including my coping skills and treatment plan and how I have recovered through having mental illnesses. If nothing else, you will stimulate your mind because you will be reading! Let’s get to it 🙂

“This is My Coping Book: I Can Write Anything and Everything”

Coping is a necessity in life. We all cope in different ways and some don’t cope at all. This is an outlet. It’s a way to release your stress, your deepest darkest secrets. It’s a way for you to notfeel alone. For you to feel apart of a community that does exist. Here is your chance. Take this outlet. Start writing. And if you want to share, share it on my website to. xoxo


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