This is Toniann.

My goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for my customers or and clients and or co-workers and management as a former peer specialist.

Message from Toniann:

“Hi guys! I am super friendly and a bit personable. They might not like it, but I know you will. Continue 😊

I am still a recovery navigator, yes lol. The party does never end. “When The Parties Over” sung by Billy Ellis is my biggest struggle and greatest hit TIKTOK; Crazy. As a Recovery Navigator, I can help you basically find ANY resource, if necessary. I am also actively training to become a Certified Personal Trainer and a Recovery Specialist.

As a Certified Peer Specialist (CRPS-A) in the state of Florida and transitional to help people who are struggling with resources as a Recovery Navigator, and will always be certified as a Professional Speaker, I like to help, as I am currently on call for many Organizations.

My job was to support people with life experiences and find resources for people battling many conditions.

My main objective is to have people living with these classifications back to living a fully functional life with the tools to succeed.

I have written books to help guide people that I have been self-published and read and have gotten feedback from very important people, too me.

warm hotlines (1-800-LIFENET OR 1-800-373-TALK). I use the app Talk life.

I’ve had the opportunity to be featured and uncredited on TV Shows, Movies, Commercials, and play parts on Music Videos too.

I am a-vid streamer, 2.

As an accomplished developer on a lot of platforms, like social media and on the development side of AOL/AIM genre.

I work with GoDaddy, now working with Spotify as well and some, as I have many tricks and trend’s I've developed throughout the years and plan to continue too.

If interested in finding out more, feel free to ask me any questions you might have like I love singing Karaoke and How much I make on Patreon or with social security.

I am experienced in all avenues and looking for a step down from my estate.